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The Private Ear Clinic

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Wax Removal

When it comes to ear wax we understand how much of a pain it can be, whether the wax is causing discomfort, blocking your ears so you can't hear or you're just fed up with putting oil/ drops in.

So, if you are suffering with dizziness, hearing loss, increase in tinnitus levels or an ear infection then it may be  that you have an ear wax blockage and need to get it seen to.

Due to the Microsuction process using no water it is a lot safer, easier and less messy than traditional ear syringing and other methods including Hopi wax candles and some over the counter ear drops (depending on the person)

The process on the day

When you arrive on the day you will be met by a member of our team and asked to complete a quick general health questionnaire so we can tailor our treatments and appointment to you and your medical history. You will then go straight through to the treatment room where our Aural Care Practitioner and an assisting nurse will make you comfortable and the Microsuction process will begin. Generally the removal will take only a few minutes and you will be able to leave straight away to carry on with your normal day.

We tend to allow 20 minutes for the whole treatment session to ensure we can answer any questions you may have during your appointment.


Pain Free

Microsuction is completely pain free, meaning you can relax knowing you can have your ear wax blockage removed with complete comfort. The only aspect to take into consideration is that the suction machine can be a little noisy however as the wax is removed within minutes this is not usually a problem.

Success rate

We have many people coming to us who have tried other methods before with no success and they all say how satisfying Microsuction is compared to other methods of wax removal.




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