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Penny Stannard

Meet Penny Stannard Higher Dip. H.Th.

Company Owner

Services Offered: Microsuction, Hearing Tests, Hearing Therapy, Tinnitus Management and advice, Swim Moulds & Custom Made Ear Moulds, Medico Legal work and NHS support.

Penny started working with the NHS in Dorset and Poole in 1995 in an Audiologist role. Whilst there, she graduated from Bristol University in 1998, after gaining a higher diploma in Hearing Therapy. Alongside this, she attended Charing Cross Hospital in London training in Audiology, and worked in placement in Salisbury and Southampton.  She transferred to Royal South Hants Hospital in 2003, where she has loved working ever since both in a Hearing Therapy and Audiology role. Her dedication and passion for her job has not gone unnoticed and many consultants now recommend her.

Since July 2014 she has been working in a medico-legal role undertaking clinics across the south of England and in Wales performing diagnostic hearing tests for medical insurance purposes. 

After a while she began to see that there was a need for a private hearing therapy and tinnitus service for people who were not in the catchment area for hospital referrals. So, along with her husband and daughter, set up The Private Ear Clinic Ltd to offer the community a more personalised service and shorter waiting times on traditional healthcare appointments. 

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