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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsuction hurt?

Not at all! The process of Microsuction uses no water, so unlike Syringing it is less traumatic for you and your ears, as we understand it is a sensitive area. Our practitioners are all very skilled at Microsuction, and they are great at putting patients at ease.


Do I need to put oil or drops in my ears before my Microsuction appointment?

It is helpful if you apply oil/drops a few days leading up to your appointment so that any hard wax is softened, this makes the process easier and more comfortable for you.

My ear still doesn't feel clear after my appointment, what can I do?

Although this is rare there are occasions where wax may be left behind that was attached to the hairs in the ear canal and may fall down in its own time. We offer a two week free follow up if you are not 100% happy with your results, giving you piece of mind and value for money!

I have an ear infection, can I still have Microsuction done?

Yes you can! Our registered Aural Care Practitioners are highly skilled  at Microsuction and have the tools to 'suck' out the infection that is causing you all that discomfort.

I have had Tinnitus for years and still struggle. Can you help?

Penny, our Audiologist, is very knowledgeable when it comes to Tinnitus and understanding how to make it more bearable in your every day life. There is currently no cure for Tinnitus, however Penny has many different ways of coping and having Tinnitus herself she is empathetic with people, who like herself, have to learn to live with it and how isolating this can be at times.

If you still haven't had your question answered by us then please feel free to call us for an informative and friendly chat so we can ensure you know all the facts you need to know before you book.

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