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Proud to be the main private ear health company provider for local nurses, GPs and Consultants.


" We believe everyone deserves the right to high quality care "

Helpful Links

Below we have included a few links to help you get the best care from our tried and tested professionals/charities. We have worked with these organisations/individuals for a long time and feel the work they do is too good not to pass along!

Our Sister company now offers hearing aids! They have teamed up with one of the UK's leading provider in hearing aids meaning they can offer you top quality products, including rechargeable and ones that you can control from your phone! Click on the logo opposite to be taken to their site!

We are pleased to work with Amy Tite Hearing Services so, together we can provide clients with the best possible ear care. Amy offers great Audiology services in the New Forest so we are proud to include her in our links page.

The New Forest Tinnitus Group is a fabulous group that brings people together who are all trying to find ways to cope with their Tinnitus. They have special guest speakers each month at their meetings as well as a friendly smile and a lovely cuppa should you wish!

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